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When Kurt was in Junior High...

1. What Junior High did you attend?
Granada Middle School in Whittier

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
My Spanish teacher, Mr. Duncan, because he hung out with us at lunch, he made class interesting and seemed to actually like his job!

3. What was your favorite subject? Why?
Creative Writing. Because I like to write in a creative way!

4. What was your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
My favorite thing was these hot ham and cheese sandwiches they sold with an ice cream sandwich for dessert

5. Who was the actor/actress you had a crush on in JH?
Hmmm....probably the girls from Charlie's Angel's.

6. Who was your best friend? When was the last time you saw them?
Mike Pace. I haven't seen him in several months, but we talked on the phone today.

7. What was your favorite band/solo artist?
My favorite band was Devo. My favorite singer was Tom Petty.

8. What was your favorite TV show?
Magnum P.I and Happy Days

9. What was your favorite movie?
Star Wars

10. Who was the President when you were in JH?
Jimmy Carter and then Ronald Reagan