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When Allison was in Junior High...

1. What Junior High did you attend?
Serrano Intermediate

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
Mr. Kiyomi...he made math enjoyable...and i aided for him in 8th grade.

3. What was your favorite subject? Why?
PAL. I loved being in myPAL class. There was very little homework.

4. What did you eat for lunch on most days?
I either ate 2 pretzels, or a Taco Bell burrito...and a Wild Cherry Pepsi

5. Who was the actor/actress you had a crush on in JH?
I had a huge crush on Leonardo Di Caprio

6. Who was your best friend? When was the last time you saw them?
Lindsay Chappell. I haven't really talked to her in about 4 years. I saw her at Target the other day, but she was on the phone so I didn't say hi.

7. What was your favorite band?
I listened to oldies music (KEarth 101) in JH. But I guess I really liked Boys II Men. Or Mariah Carey.

8. What was your favorite TV show?
Oh, definitely Boy Meets World.

9. What was your favorite movie?
Ummm. I think Jurassic Park. I felt so brave watching it...it was SO scary to me! Or Dumb and Dumber.

10. Who was the President when you were in JH?
George Bush senior...and then Bill Clinton.